We can help you reach your customers

We have a full in-house mailing services department. Our staff works with you to keep your mailing costs at a minimum based on the project. From simple to complex, we can take your brochure, postcard, catalog, newsletter, invitations or other printed material from file to front door.

  • Direct Mailing services
  • Timed mail drops
  • Order-based fulfillment (& printing, too)
  • Warehouse storage
  • Assembly (Custom & Standard packages)

We utilize your database of customers, print their postal information on your printed piece, and deliver them to the post office. In addition to addressing and postage, our mailing service can find ways to save on your postal projects. 

We can clean up your database with Cass Certification to avoid duplications and NCOA (National Change of Address) outdated information. 

  • We can reduce postage by explaining your options with dimensions, weight, and orientation. 
  • QSAP can help you understand the volumes of shifting postal requirements for formatting brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other communications that seem saturated with regulations.

Additional services:
If you ever have a custom printing need—hand-applied stamps, hand-addressed envelopes, pre-paid return envelopes, etc.—we can help. 

        Inserting, Permit & metered postage, Database cleaning
        Postal planning, Mail drops (whole, delayed, and intermittent)
        Mail list procurement

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