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How to market auctions online

< Back to all posts Published April 22, 2015

I have to market my auction online! More than my website?!  Where do I begin? First, take a deep breath….. let it out. Marketing your auction online can seem overwhelming with the number of places “your auction needs to be listed.” Don’t let it overwhelm you and take a large portion of your time.  Lean on your understanding of auctions and auction buyers. Connect with your peer group through your association, the NAA, and marketing companies that specialize in auctions. Let them guide you through best practices and/ or hire them to promote and market your auctions. Sourcing this arm of the auction process can save you time, concert your marketing efforts for each auction, and help grow your business.

Online marketing is constantly evolving. Since the internet, browsers (software program used to access internet), search engines (online tools used to search any and all topics…there are many search engines) and websites are changing, online marketing is changing. Key components for online marketing are: 

  • Finding and targeting your audience  (publications, websites, your email list, your past buyers)
  • Building /allocating a budget
  • Leveraging your marketing dollars for all they are worth
  • Setup metrics to measure how your dollar is performing on the advertising
  • Don’t set up an online campaign of any kind without having an instrument to measure the results.

Use these points to establish an online presence in the auction realm. Continue testing to find out what works best for you and your audience. 

In summary - streamline, target, execute, measure, correct, and repeat. 

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