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< Back to all posts Published October 30, 2015

I recently did research into auctions on google and found interesting trends for our industry. The overall goal was to research terms that would benefit auctioneers with their online marketing campaigns and boost traffic to websites both to  promote their business, but also to promote their individual sales. Content is still king on creative marketing materials.

Estate sale and the auction industry as a whole were the top two contenders in regards to search trends over the last 36 months. 

Estate sale appears to be a very strong search term over time. January, March, and July appear to be the top months for Estate Sale as a search term while December is a low month. 

Estate auctions and equipment auctions did not even come close to ranking as high as estate sale. The take away is to use "Estate Sale" in the marketing literature. 

Industrial auctions did not rank very high by themselves as a search term and they were at the bottom when compared to other auction types. This is interesting because industrial auctions, if done right, are great money makers for the sellers and the auctioneers. 

Equipment sale was a top contender in search terms. 

Farm auction performed a little better than commercial auction, but not by much.

Absolute auction didn’t hardly register on the scale. 

Heavy equipment auction as a search term didn't compare to estate auction. 

Heavy equipment sale as a search term ranked higher than Heavy equipment auction. 

Real estate auction and farm auction competed for trends over the past 36 months with real estate edging out farm.

In some searches, real estate out performed all.  It has been a seller’s market over the past 18-24 months.

Estate liquidation not so much. 

March and August are peak months for general auction search inquiries.

January is the lowest month for auction searches.

Auto auction and car auction faired well with peaks in Feb year over year.

Police auction, government auction, surplus auction took 1st, 2nd , 3rd respectively when compared against one another. 

Other contenders were government surplus, government surplus auction, government car auction,

Government auto auction,Auction cars were contenders as well.

State surplus, state surplus auction, public surplus auction were terms in the same ball park as government auctions.

Auction house is in the cellar and not worthy of using to be found on search.

Curious note: auctions near me has risen in popularity since January of 2014.

auction trends


Increasing popularity in “mobile auctions” could be due to the increasing interest in mobile bidding capabilities or just a bunch of auctions in Alabama.


If you are interested in a state of the art mobile bidding plat form, check out the guys at www.bidwrangler.com

Be sure and tell them QSAP sent you. 

That is all I have for now. I'll keep digging and hope to help auctioneers near and far. 

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