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< Back to all posts Published April 15, 2015

So auctions have a really robust history. Check it out here when you want an education and have the time. Just in the last century, only 3 really big advances have come to this industry:

  1. The PA system - so more people can hear you
  2. Computers - to help with lot and transactional processes
  3. The Internet - online platforms, greater potential to reach bidders thus expanding the market place and online marketing efforts.

(Daron Meares IAA 2014)

What's next? Not sure, but what I can tell you is that methods to reach your audience are evolving on a daily basis. Auction platforms are guaranteeing bidders. Finding additional markets for auction items is a challenge as well. The overall goal of this blog is to grow and learn about the auction industry. We will search far and wide to better understand the needs of auctioneers and highlight possibilities that can help us all.
Thank you for joining us.

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