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2015 NAA Conference and Show

< Back to all posts Published July 31, 2015

So, we just returned from NAA conference and show in Addison and we are following up with all the leads.

One common trend taken from the show is every auctioneer’s interest in marketing their business effectively. Some are rebuilding, some are retooling and others are expanding their reach to attract more bidders to their sales.  We fielded questions about online marketing, print marketing and how cross media strategies are evolving in the marketing model for auctions.

Did we get a deal from the show?  Not yet, but we’re optimistic and the ROI will take time as we follow up on those interested in our services.

A surprise from attending the show was the amount of auctioneers who still do not sell online only.

Unfortunately, there is still trepidation about going online only. Auctioneers who are not going online and online only are missing an entire revenue stream. The world is your market and the world is online. Increasingly, bidders are on their mobile device and using them to bid and buy onsite and remotely. So, auctioneers need to adapt. Those auctioneers that are implementing these practices are growing exponentially. This growth is great for their business and great for the industry.

Now I will get off my soap box and back to the show. The networking events were good. Although, I think there was still a question as to the definition of a “ranch.” J 

If you get a chance to go out to a dueling piano bar, I highly recommend it. The music never stops, the entertainment is top notch and all you have to do is sing loud Damn it!

Overall it was a great show. We met current clients and made new friends. We had a great networking experience and we are looking forward to next year.  See you in Grand Rapids!

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