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< Back to all posts Published February 11, 2016

January has raced by with traveling to trade shows all over the country. New Year’s eve was spent in Denver at the Colorado Auctioneers association. They have a solid association and we were welcomed many times over.  Their conference started on New Year’s day and went through Sunday.  The state championship was well contested. An interesting note, they sold more guns at their fun auction than any other show we attended last year.

Next up was Boise at the Idaho Association of Professional Auctioneers. This was a smaller show, but we had clients on site and it was good to see familiar faces.

The third stop in January was the impressive and strong association in Minnesota. This, by far, is one of the strongest associations we’ve attended over the last couple of years. Their state championship had 18 contestants and they were strong.

I have to say the MSAA has a leg up on the other associations. They know how to throw a party. They had a live band come in on the final evening to provide entertainment for the attendees. This is the 7th year in a row and they pre-book the band a year in advance.

I attended a couple of great sessions put on by John Shultz out of Grafe Auctions. His classes are part of the NAA ATS certification. Without question, he has compelling strategies and data to promote auctions via Facebook.

When I returned, I put a couple of the nuggets into place for a customer and the results were great.

This auction season is gearing up rather well. January was another record breaking month for us and auctioneers all over the country appear to be getting busier. We look forward to continued success in 2016 and welcome our customers new and old to create that success together. 

Part of this success has been the deployment of email campaigns by auctions. There are many different platforms and strategies. In order help those interested in email campaigns for their auction business we attached a link to a short article about trends we are seeing for 2016:

  • Emails for mobile
  • Higher response rates with incentives
  • Light boxes
  • Exclusive offers or “early access”


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