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Auction trends for 2016

< Back to all posts Published December 30, 2015

This last year has been a good year for our business. We’ve traveled the country to Auctioneer Association conferences, made new friends and gained business from our endeavors. More importantly, we continue to gain understanding about the needs of our clients and auctioneers all over the country.

We’ve said this before, at the end of the day, all that matters is taking care of the customer. For an auctioneer it means getting the best market price for their consigner’s items. For a bidder it’s getting the best deal they can on an item they want. For a company like ours, it’s making sure our auctioneers are successful with their sales, regardless of what they are selling.

Technology is a continuing trend. More and more auctioneers are adapting and using online platforms.

Mobile technologies will continue to emerge in the industry as the next level of innovation for auctioneers and their bidders. Regardless of demographic, most people have a smart phone. If you want to connect with that audience, you have to be mobile ready. Your site needs to be dynamic and responsive to fit any platform (computer, tablet, and phone). Your bidding opportunities need to cater to a mobile audience and the bidding market will continue to evolve on mobile platforms.

In addition to technology trends, we’ve added links below to dive into the respective markets: autos, real estate, agriculture, and construction equipment and even food trucks.

Top bid is a great resource for construction equipment pricing and data.


10 auto auction trends to expect in 2016 from our friends at autonews.com:


We found a unique trend  with benefit auctions: http://www.redappleauctions.com/fundraising-auction-trend-food-trucks/

Auction.com brings the latest news from housing trends 2015 and what to look for in 2016:


We will see how these pan out in 2016. We wish you and yours a safe New Years and cheers to a great 2016.

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